Experience Zico And His New Album “Television”

If this week isn’t as lit as it already is, Zico gives us another reason to believe it really is. Today, the rapper and Block B leader has released a new solo mini-album and is here to cement the fact that he is, amazing.

“Television” is his second solo album after his first “Z” released in 2016. Unlike his first work which was a work of pride, “Television” dwells on his life as an artist, in and behind the screen.


  1. 촌재 (Behind The Scene)
  2. Artist
  3. ANTI (ft. G.Soul)
  4. Fanxy Child (ft. Fanxy Child)
  5. She’s A Baby
  6. Bermuda Triangle (ft. Crush, Dean)

The lead track “Artist” was released today with a music video that also has a cameo from Zico’s fellow Block B member, U-Kwon. And a very short (but cute) appearance by Fanxychild!

The other title track “ANTI” which features G.Soul has just released its music video as well. Unlike the fun vibe “Artist” gave off, “ANTI” is more serious and actually gave us the chills at the start. The sings is said to talk about Zico’s criticisms about himself, fans even joking that he gave his anti-fans an easier job. Be sure to check the music video (filled with some heavenly innuendos). 

Also, check out Zico’s live performance of his songs “Anti” and “천재 (Behind The Scene)” for Onstage K!


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