Millic’s First Album “VIDA”, “Paradise” MV Drop

Did you know that in Portuguese, “Vida” means “life”? Millic’s first album, elludes a very high feel of the grandeur of life, specifically, his life.

On July 10, 6pm, HIGHGRND’s DJ and producer Millic released his first album “VIDA” made up of 9 tracks, all produced by himself and features an array of artists.

For a week, HIGHGRND has hyped his album release by dropping making film videos of his songs, showing the work be had with the artists he collaborated with. Surprisingly, for a first, Millic has been able to gather not just only known South Korean artists, but also foreign ones including Rejjie Snow (who is one of Millic’s friends), Julius (who he even visited in Australia) and Ta-Ku (of Soulection).

Yesterday, the title track to VIDA dropped with a music video. “Paradise” features the voices from his fellow members of FANXY CHILD, Zico, Crush, Dean and Penomeco.

Be sure to check out the other tracks in “VIDA”. “IGLOO” and “I’m Good” are some of our favorites. But honestly, how could you even choose just one?


  1. YOU (ft. Ta-Ku)
  2. Something (ft. Julius)
  3. I’m Good (ft. Rejjie Snow)
  4. Can’t Wait (ft. ((0)))
  6. Igloo (ft. Club Eskimo)
  7. 보문섬 (ft. Han)
  8. Paradise (ft. Fanxy Child)
  9. 문 (ft. 잘필순)

Millic’s first album is now available for digital purchase. Check out the links below!

Melin :
Olleh :
Genie :
Bugs :
Naver Music :
Soribada :
Apple Music :
iTunes :


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