K-INDIE: We’re In Love With WETTER

A month ago, I came across a song called “Who” by the band WETTER. Name wise, I was sort of taken back. Either way, I liked the song very much and looked for more songs from them. Luckily, they just dropped their first album that same month, “Romance In A Weird World”.

But who exactly is WETTER?

WETTER is a South Korean rock band under MAPPS Entertainment that debuted in November 2016 with their first single “Who”. In May 2017, they releasedtheir first mini-album “Romance In A Weird World”.

They are made up of four members: Choi Wonbin (vocals), Heo Jinhuk (drums), Chae Jiho (guitar) and Jung Jihoon (bass).

The band was formed after Wonbin insisted Jihoon, his friend from highschool, in joining him to create a band. Jinhyuk and Jiho met in the same university and eventually met the other members. According to them, the band name was inspired as they wanted people to be “emotionally wet” by listening to their music. Whatever they truly meant by that, it definitely left an impression on me.

The band creates songs from garage rock jams and actually reminds me of some old Bye Bye Badman tunes. Some of their musical influences include Jeff Buckley, Actic Monkey, Paul McCartney and Silica Gel. Wetter aims to be a band that makes people feel the sincerity in their music, combining music and visuals. And judging by visuals, Wetter can actually be called an idol band with their members’ visuals.

So what exactly does their music sound like?

Their first mini album “Romance In A Weird World” contains 6 tracks, all of which had the ability to stand alone, and yet when listened to compliments every one.

“반대로” starts off the album heavy and somehow gives me some Silica Gel and Jannabi feels. One thing is for sure, Wonbin’s vocals would keep you listening and wanting for more. “이상한 나라의 로맨스” signals the start of some dance time, following the end of “반대로”. We would just want to commend Wonbin’s sexy singing here.

The next track is their first single “Who”, the reason they got me. According to the band, “Who” was written by Wonbin in an angry state. Rather than humiliating someone or be angry, he put those emotions into a song, thus creating a sincere and a “fuck it” kind of song.

“Lucy” is a 4-minute 13-second song with three verses and no definite hook. The transtion from an angry song such as “Who” to a more relaxed song is vital. But the next song “She Tastes Like Happiness” definitely showed that change more, ending the album with an acoustic version of “Who” called “You” which can be answer towards the latter song, now, rather than showing resentment towards a person, is telling a person they love to continously love them for who they are.

Wetter wants to show the audience that they can do various genres of music. And this mini-album definitely showcased that.

We’re definitely looking forward to more music and performances from Wetter. That’s why when we saw that they will be guests for the PLAY LOUD show with the KOXX, we were utterly excited (not that their band names really fit together, you know). They will be playing on July 20 at Club FF!



Vocals, guitar

Nov. 25, 1992

Oct. 10, 1992

February 25, 1994

Aug. 11, 1994



6 thoughts on “K-INDIE: We’re In Love With WETTER

  1. Playlist globals webseries ‘yellow’ brought me here.

    My FIrst time taking interest in rock music from a different country.

    You guys play very well. impressive stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

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