Chill With RnB Singer Ocean In This FFQ

It has only been a year since he’s started sharing his music. Ocean might not be enjoying the same success as others, but his 4,000 Soundcloud followers & 50,000 listens actually say a lot about his potential.

We’ve sat down with this singer and gave five fun questions to know more about him. It’s the first interview we had this summer, so check out how he gave us that chill vibe!


TKL: What do you want people to remember you for?

: Actually, I don’t want to be just a musician. I make custom items like shoes, hats. I also design clothes. I do dance. I draw. Anything. I mean, I will do anything if it is related to art. So I want people to remember me as an artist. If I can be an actor later (for music videos or film), I want to do that, too.

TKL: Have you ever thought to stop singing? Why?

OCEAN: Yes, I have. I guess many musicians had problems like mine. I’m confused for my future, for my parents, how to earn money for real, how to use my gifts (talents), if I’m beautiful enough (this is really important in Korea). When I was 19, I thought I was gonna stop singing and just study for real. But I can’t separate music from my life, it calls me every time. I started singing again when I finished my military service.

TKL: Where in Seoul would you recommend tourists to visit? Why?

OCEAN: Many foreigners visit Gangnam, Myeongdeong, Hongdae, Itaewon, DDP. These places are good if you want to go shopping, chilling, drinking, hang out. But there’s not much real Korean culture there. There’s too many department stores, fashion, too many people. If you travel long and want to see culture, go to Janglo or to museums or to undeveloped cities. But you shouldn’t care about my opinion. It’s still your choice. 🙂

TKL: What is your favorite from the songs you’ve released on Soundcloud?

OCEAN: Do you know why my name is “Ocean”? Actually, I’m scared of the ocean, because we don’t know what shape it is because it’s too deep. We also don’t know what happens under the sea. It’s dark if we go down deeper. We know what the color of the sea is. It’s blue and it means “gloomy”. I think that represents the human’s emotions (the mind). That’s why I named myself “Ocean”.

“병신” is always in my mind and I love the song. I know many people like my songs “Ya-Hea”, “Baby”, “Wish” and others. I love them, too. But I think “병신” got the mood of mind.

TKL: Any message you have for your fans? And others that don’t know you yet?

OCEAN: Hi my lovers! Do you know that you make me keep doing music and give me positivity? I appreciate your support. It makes me proud. I’ve asked why people like my songs and I got the answer now, because you can feel the same feelings as I. It’s amazing for me. I don’t think I’m special. Artists can be artists themselves. But you make the artists.

If you don’t listen to my music yet, why don’t you try it? If you like the chill vibes and RnB sounds, I bet you would like my songs. And if you read this interview, hope you have a good day. Ah! Don’t forget to support The KHOP Loyalist! I appreciate this blog. It’s a really good experience in my life. Thank you!

Thank you, too Ocean! Make sure you follow him on his Instagram to stay updated!


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