ODEE has been with Vismajor for so long. He’s released singles before including “Dirty” and “건방증”. In 2016, he released his first EP “SLY”.

Artist : ODEE

Released : November 2016


  1.  Open Ending
  2. Underdog (ft. Don Mills, Wutan)
  3. Fleek (ft. MBK EK)
  4. S.L.Y (Still Look Young) (ft. Hwaji)
  5. Drop (ft. Nucksal)
  6. John Doe
  7. Deja Vu
  8. The Three Rich (삼부자)

We personally waited for this album to drop ever since it was announced. All of the tracks were produced by Buggy which also raised all the expectations knowing how his beats always slay. 

Listening through all of the songs according to their chronology, the first track “Open Ending” poses an interest on why it is called as so. But just as the last song in the album “The Three Rich” ends, the intro beats make it feel as though everything is just in loop.

Our favorite track is probably “Drop” for personal reasons, being that Nucksal is one of our favorite rappers. However, compared to the other songs, the approach towards this song was more lively, added with the variety of voices coming from both rappers. Even the music video was prety fun.

Another song we like repeating is “Fleek” which features MBA’s EK. Definitely their rap and voice were on fleek.

As a whole package, we enjoyed this album a lot. It can be a while before you grown on each song. But once you do, you won’t get tired of it any soon. Look at us. Already in loop again. 

We also give Rowdee two thumbs up for the art directing. And for the sticker I already put on the back of my notebook. 😂


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