Where all my Filipino KHOP fans at?! Seeing your favorite artists is no longer a dream (unless ya’ll want to go to Korea first and enjoy the scene first-hand)!

The first ever Korean hiphop show will be coming to us on September 15, 2017 in Manila. The concept of the show is somewhat similar to hiphop festivals in South Korea such as Hiphopplaya. The line up is slowly being revealed day by day, the first names being Dayday ad Donutman.

Surprisingly, the seating arrangement is actually pretty lit. They’ve put the prices both in Philippine currency and US dollars for everyone to be aware. 

We’re all excited for this and are already getting ready. Who knows? If this event becomes succesful, we might have more shows to come in the future! See you guys there! 

This concert is presented by Big Events Management in partnership with Highlight Media Production powered by Coast to Coast Co.,Ltd. and with media partners, RokHipHop and In4HipHop in Korea.

For more updates visit their official SNS: 






Make sure to follow the Philippine KHiphop Community Facebook pagegroup and Instagram for more updates about the event and everything else KHOP. 

For foreign fans who want to have fun with us Filipinos, you can contact the production company for ticketing details. But if you’re looking for friends in Manila, hit me up! I already have friends coming over. What’s the fuss about a few more to add? 😄 Actually, just hit me up whenever!


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