Jessi Comments on SMTM6 Auditions; Crush New EP Dropping Soon

Show Me The Money 6 is set to air its first episode on June 30, a special episode said to air on June 23rd as well. MNET is nice enough to help hyping the audience for it and released a new video today featuring Jessi reacting to some audition videos. 

She was shown audition videos of female rappers Truedy, Shim Hyeji, A-TO, Asol and Heesun Lee. At the end, she was shown Double K’s audition. Check out what she had to say!

If you were not aware, MNET M2 started a new videi series called “RESPECT”. Hosted by MC Huckleberry P, the series is set to interview “master” MCs and ask what it takes for them to show respect for a certain artist and which ones they have respect for. 

The first episode featured Deepflow, Vismajor Company’s CEO, mentioning that he has respect for his artist ODEE. The second episode, released yesterday, features the OG MC Meta. And the rapper he has respect for? Ban Blank!

Crush is set to release a new EP on June 30th. Other details about it haven’t been announced yet, other than that the title track will feature Beenzino, the track recorded even before he enlisted in te army.


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