Hunger Noma Drops New EP “Another Film 2”

After much waiting, here we are with Hunger Noma with a new EP “Another Film 2”. The EP consists of 15 tracks, most of which the rapper produced himself.


  1. 원효처럼
  2. Dang Clan (ft. Thrusdyy, J Fresh, Good Life)
  3. Diabolic Rap Flow Remix (ft. Thursdyy, Good Life, Deliman, J Fresh)
  4. Devil Pie
  5. 캐터피 (ft. Pch 8um, Deliman)
  6. Crusader
  7. Human Xenomorph
  8. Murder Incident (ft. Chester, 820, Chans, Deliman) (prod. Pch 8um)
  9. Devil of the Nodeul (Demo ver.)
  10. Gun In My Mouth (ft. SQ)
  11. What’s Wrong (ft. Deliman)
  12. Shooting Star (on Junweather’s “Work”)
  13. What Is Happiness (ft. Thursdyy) (on Nuttuverse’ “SID”)
  14. 태조마을 (prod. Jack Effect)
  15. Body Snatchers (Hunger Noma Remix)

Be sure to check out the EP and show support!


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