Sik-K Drops “H.A.L.F” Under H1GHR Music; G.Soul Joins Same Label

Sik-K is back with his newest album telling us all to have a little fun!

“H.A.L.F” was released yesterday, the first project under H1GHR Music. The album is made up of 11 tracks, most of which are produced by Woogie, Boycold and Woogie.

“FLY” was pre-released last week while the title track “party(Shut Down)” featuring Crush was released yesterday with a music video.

Meanwhile, news broke out today that G.Soul has already left JYP Entertainment and joined H1GHR Music. It’s no secret that Jay and G.Soul have been friends even before. Recently, the singer was featured in Dumbfoundead’s album “FOREIGNER” for the track “Water” and performed with DJ Frants during the World DJ Festival.


2 thoughts on “Sik-K Drops “H.A.L.F” Under H1GHR Music; G.Soul Joins Same Label

  1. I’m happy for G.Soul… but someone would think it’s a slap in the face to JYP… leaving JYP to be with Jay Park and H1ghrMusic is definitely a great opportunity😄 I just thought of that.. I’m not trying to start trouble or anything.


    1. Haha. People who follow JYP would jnderstand why it’s better that G.Soul left. Hoping he does more work after this! 😀


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