We’ve Got A New DJ Show, TRIANGLE

If there’s anything I am really getting myself into a lot with these days, it’s the South Korean DJ and club scene. And I don’t even usually go clubbing! But yes. I got hooked. Surprisingly, I’m even starting to listen to EDM a lot, when I usually didn’t before. But enough about me, let’s talk about another show I want you guys to be aware of.

In 2015, SBS produced a DJ show called “MASH UP” where they created a team of DJs, KPOP idols, producers and a performance team to create “the best” DJ show. The show was received fairly even with the appearance of SNSD’s Hyoyeon and Seo Inyoung, Maybe because that at the same time, MNET also produced a DJ show (which we loved!), HEADLINER

In 2016, MNET also launched a new show that also has spotlight to some DJs, in a different type of variety show, Sing Street.

This year, SBS is back with a new show that once again puts Korean DJs in the spotlight they deserve.

“TRIANGLE” started airing on May 28th, 12am. Three DJ teams are going to compete against each other. But what’s really making the contest interesting is that the teams are divided into each of Seoul’s party district: Gangnam, Itaewon and Hongdae.


From left to right : Inside Core’s Moonjun, Shaun, Daywalker, Vandal Rock, Smasher, Juncoco, Inside Core’s Vogo

This may be my personal favorite team because of Shaun, my favorite club DJ. This team’s specialty is EDM, all of which are performing in some of Seoul’s biggest clubs like Octagon, Arena, MADE, Circle and more.

Inside Core is a duo, made up of Moonjun and Vogo, and members of the DJ crew OFF THE RECORD. They are also considered big shots as they are never absent form any of the major DJ concerts in Korea. Shaun is a member of the band, The KOXX. Daywalker is one-half of the DJ duo Garenz with DJ PNutz, Smasher, compared to everyone else in the line up is fairly new. Vandal Rock does EDM but is also commended for his hiphop and trap sets. Juncoco has been popular, not just in Korea, but also in other Asian countries, often invited to do sets. Other than just doing sets at clubs, some of these DJs have been releasing their own songs.


From left to right: Apachi, Yann Cavaille, Baryonyx, Conan, Goosebumps, Bagagee Viphex 13

Might be my next favorite team. Pretty much known for their difference in styles, mostly bass, techno, neo and hiphop. Apachi is a member of Alter Ego and usually does shows at Henz Club and CONTRA with the crew. Yann Cavaille is a member of the now rising crew, Pute Deluxe. Baryonyx is the leader of DNBS Seoul, usually doing shows at Rabbit Hole. Conan is a member of DEADEND and is hailed for his skills. Goosebumps is a DJ and producer, and leader of the collective, DIPCOIN. DJ Bagagee Viphex13 was one of the contestants of HEADLINER and is known for his techno beats.

Just liek the Gangnam team, some of the Itaewon team members have also released songs (even albums) of theirs.


From left to right: Vast, Flojee, Juice, DJ DaQ, Louis Maui, DJ IT, Spray

Unlike the first two teams, most of the members of the Hongdae team are fairly new to the greater Korean music audience. However, if you’re like me, you have probably already heard them before. 

DJ Vast is a resident DJ at Club Arena underground. Flojee is already a popular name especially for the MKIT RAIN fans out there. She is also a member of the DJ collective, Afterwork. DJ Juice is already an old dog in the game and is signed with Brand New Music, along with DJ IT. Both of them have recentlyy released albums of their own: DJ Juice with “Beautiful Life” and DJ IT with “God of Trap”. Louis Maui, much to my surprise, is a DJ. I’ve only known about him as a producer working closely with MKIT RAIN rappers. Then there’s DJ DaQ, who we all know as the resident DJ for Show Me The Money. And lastly, one of our favorites, DJ Spray, of BACKNFORTH. 

So the first episode, just to give you a brief spoiler, introduces the show rather very vaguely to the public. The DJs will perform in front of an audience who can vote for whoever they like. Kim Younha is the host while there is a panel of judges made up of celebrities including Kangnam, EXID’s LE and Hani. Each team will be under the guidance of a producer.

So the first challenge, is to perform a set which uses KPOP songs from the 90’s. Easy for the Itaewon crew, I told myself. 

The first DJ was Spray and we have to admit, he was pretty good, just what we expected from a BACKNFORTH member. He did his set with a special appearance from CJamm (who the crowd loved) and Kumapark’s saxophone player, Han Seungmin. His set got him a total of 145 votes

Next was Gangnam’s Vandal Rock, a personal favorite. And just as expected from this man, he really knows how to hype up a party even if just him on stage. But no. He invited Jeebanoff to sing “Dreams Come True” while a dance group was on stage. I was in tears because Jeebanoff sang so good and Vandal Rock ended it with a bang! That gave him the highest score, 172.

Last performer was Itaewon’s Conan, the pride of DEADEND. And if you may just let us. We totally loved how he started his set. NEW JACK SWING IS STILL HOT! That H.O.TFROM song will never die. And it became more fun with Kirin, Chancellor and Jinbo performing on stage, even hyping the crowd with him. That gained Conan a score of 154.

But there was another round of the same category. This time, the DJs won’t see thei score until the end of the round.

This time, Itaewon went first, presenting Goosebumps! I have mad respect for this guy, so when Miryo came out, my jaw dropped, other than the fact that Miryo sounded really good. But then PNSB came out. Oh, the heavens! He killed it. This is exactly a set from Goosebumps that I expected and they just killed it.

Next up is Gangnam team with Daywalker, a favorite. Now, this guy may have started out soft with kids singing and miss Cha Elisha, but when Goldtea came out, oh yeah. It was fire! But if there was anything that I loved most, it was when Pnutz came out and supported his boy! That set was not Daywalker’s. THIS IS GARENZ. AND THIS IS HOW THEY ROLL. I am so proud to be a fan of them. 

Last up was Hongdae. And for them, they teamed DJ DaQ and DJ Juice. I love how they did their scratches and made each of them shine. I am also going to mention that my boy Shaun was vibing to DJ Juice. 🙏  And when Minos came out, it was a party!

For round 1, Gangnam team ranked first with a total of 347 points. Next is Hongdae with 302 and Itaewon with 299. Next week will be a new mission and more DJs to perform.

As we said, the show wasn’t introduced or explained very detailed, so we’re not sure how everything may end up, if there’s going to be eliminations or club performances. But it’s exciting to see what these DJs can offer, especially for national TV when we only really get to see them at the clubs they go to. 

You can watch the first episode here!


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