Before Loco’s new album “BLEACHED” drops, we wanted to take a look back at his first EP “LOCOMOTIVE”, one of our personal favorites.


RELEASED : November 2014


  1.  손바닥은 보여줘 (Hands Up) (ft. Crush)
  2.  인상써 (Act Serious) (ft. Uglyduck, DJ Wegun)
  3. 니가 모르게 (You Don’t Know)
  4.  자꾸 생각나 (Thinking About You) (ft. Jay Park)
  5.  무레하게 (No Manners) (ft. Gray)
  6. 높아 (We Up There) (ft. Konsoul)
  7.  좋겄오 (If I) (ft. Gray)
  8.  적응 (Growing Up) (ft. Elo)
  9. 감아 (Hold Me Tight) (ft. Crush)

This album was the first EP Loco released after winning Show Me The Money’s first season, 2 years after. Despite that, AOMG worked hard to introduce Loco again to the public. 

“LOCOMOTIVE” might as well describe the artists movement to rise up again, with 9 tracks that gears towards talking about his life starting with “Hands Up”, introducing his crew VV:D. The whole album was a work greatly showcasing Gray’s production skills and we’re not even complaining. 

Although we personally find the song transitions as awkward, starting off really fast and lit, then ending slow and emotional, it showcased how Loco wanted to be sincere and honest to the audience, the listener.


We honestly cannot choose between “No Manners” and “We Up There”. But then there’s “You Don’t Know” and “Hold Me Tight” which are fan favorites. We like more upbeat songs so “No Manners” has been a favorite. But then there’s “We Up There” that we like so much for the fact that Konsoul did the hook. You cannot deny that voice.


We’re giving it an 8/10. We didn’t really expect much since normally, KHOP albums don’t hae much in them. But it didn’t have anything else in it except the lyrics, not even a full photo of Loco. White and blue made the album look clean and neat but it also made it so prone for dirt, like how mine already has stains on the edge.


AOMG was smart enough to release “Thinking About You” MV earlier than the release of the album. Yes, we’ve known Loco before but to introduce him again with a much more catchy song was the best move to get people to actually listen to him. But before that, he was featured in Jay Park’s songs including “Na Na”. Loco was also able to do fansigning events and various special clips showcasing Loco’s other songs were dropped as well.


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