Dumbfoundead Releases First Mini-Album “Foreigner”

KTown OG Dumbfoundead recently flew to South Korea, announcing of his first Korean album and strings of activities. Yesterday, May 23, the rapper has dropped his first mini-album “Foreigner”.

The album is made up of 5 tracks, all of which have artists featured, including the pre-released single “Hyung”. The third track “UPGRADE 2.0” features Dumbfoundead’s mom. Sweet.

Along with the album release, Dumbfoundead will be holding a show at Club Octagon on June with special “hyungs” and “dongsaengs” guests: Loopy, nafla, Justhis, Year of the Ox, BRLLNT, Uglyduck and more will be there. And it looks like even Far East Movement might drop by. 
In other news, Dumbfoundead was seen performing at Loopy’s first concert C.R.E.A.M last May 20, 2017. Here is a footage of them perforing “Mijangwon” with Nafla by soo_pia.


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