MNET Releases SMTM6 Producers Cypher

Just a few more weeks to go until the start of Show Me The Money season 6. Today, MNET released a music video of the producers’ cypher, which we believe will be the season’s theme.

So what do we think about it?

“Life is what you make of it”

That first line into the song by Zico felt a bit awkward but what he said was definitely a way to put the song into a good start. Then there’s Dean who rap-sang his way into it. No offense but we all know he’s a good singer, but we definitely need to hear him rap some more, like, real rap. I believe he’s good.

Right before Dynamic Duo went into their verse, did anyone else saw how Tiger JK squeezed Choiza’s shoulder while smiling so widely? We did and we felt our hearts flutter. It’s been a real while since these artists worked on a project together and it feels just like the good old days. Dynamic Duo are legends and our jaws were hanging at Choiza’s flow and that smooth transition by Gaeko to his verse. Lit!

Jay Park definitely did not disappoint. He’s not an MC but he’s a good rapper at the very least. He deserves respect. And then there’s DoK2 who worked his verse with his distinct flow. And that wag DoK2 bowed right after his verse to give way to Bizzy. We’re now demanding a Movement reunion because of this!

“Each one, we teach one”

There are no words to use to talk about how Bizzy and Tiger JK. But if there’s anything commendable about them, it’s how they use their verses to actually say something, especially Bizzy’s line, “Hiphop isn’t all about dissing and cussing”. Bless! πŸ™

What do you think about this cypher for season 6? Did you like it?

Meanwhile, for those that didn’t know, SMTM6 isn’t the first season to release a cypher/single. In season 3, right after the successful second season, they released a single as well with the first seasons’ most popular names, Loco, Swing, D.O, Jin Dotgae, Dindin, Souldive and Joosuc.


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