Dumbfoundead Drops New Single “Hyung”

After announcing a new collective he foundead, Dumbfoundead just dropped a new single called “Hyung”, and we’re just blown away!

Why you say?

First, because the track is fire. “HYUNG” is produced by Big Banana, the same producer behind Parker’s “Mijangwon” with nafla and Loopy, which we also loved last year. And just as usual, the beats are lit.

“You haven’t done shit, fuck al that hyung shit”.

Second, that featured line up! Knowing that Dumbfoundead wanted to do a track with three of the South Korean hiphop OGs is something worth checking out, especially on a track called “Hyung”.

Se definitely loved DoK2’s verse (including the animation parts of the video where he’s supposed to be a “giant”. LOL). But what really got us is Somon D’s verse. Like… I’m not even sure what he actually said but if you heard it like me, did he really say “call me fuckable”? I was like… “Oh yes, Simon D. Oh yes”. LOL

And was it just me who was expecting a Tiger JK verse but got nothing? Unless there’s like a full version digitally that I haven’t checked out yet.


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