Goodbye Secret Society 02 ?

In 2015, Bill Stax (formerly known as Vasco) founded his own club in Seoul.

Secret Society.

Known as that secret club where there’s no sign, no “normal” entrance, secret, thanks to that Coca-Cola vending machine which is actually the door into the club. It houses to hiphop artists and black music, just like the roots Bill Stax is known for.

The club has then been actively opening and catering to both Korean and international hiphop artists. Some of the usuals at the club are DJ Emess, Young Thugs Club, Illvllns, Part Time Cooks and Sexy Street. Some international artists they’ve invited was Koncept. In 2015, Secret Society then founded another branch of it located in Busan, consequently naming it as Secret Society 051 (the province’s area code). 

However, if you’ve followed me lately, you might have seen me ask what has happened to Secret Society 02. The last activity I’ve known from the club was its show on my birth date January 15 with Los. After that, they’ve been quite silent, despite the Busan branch being active every week.

And today, news came out.

Secret Society 02 is closing.

They wil lbe holding their last weekend shows on May 19th and May 20th. The performing artists include Nafla, Bill Stax, Nochang, Changmo, CJamm and Han Yohan. As a friend said, they’re closing out with a bang.

It’s sad to see another club closing down in Seoul. I just realized last year that Club Ellui and The A closed down in 2016 so knowing that another one is going down feels sad. But that’s just how it goes. The Korean club scene, just like the hiphop scene, is getting oversaturated as well, with clubs popping out of nowhere. There’s Monkey Museum, Beton Brut, Apt, and the newest club MU:IN. Competition is getting harder.

Wishing Bill Stax and his team better opportunities in the future though. 🙏


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