TheLoyalist: Cohort in YG?

This post is to open up the topic after my tweet last week picked up a lot of reactions. I wasn’t able to explain further because I’v been occupied with a lot of things. 

It’s not really the whole of Cohort that’s come into YG. And it’s not even the label itself. It’s just Bryan Chase and The Black Label, a subsidiary of YG.

Around June last year, I saw a tweet saying that the user noticed how “black” was in Bryan Chase’s Instagram bio and wondered if it meant The Black Label, being that at that time, the label was only starting and was a hot topic among fans. I personally, speculated that it was surely The Black Label he was talking about, despite no confirmations. I still kept an eye on him.

His IG bio has recently changed suggesting he now has his own email address with the domain belonging to the label. Then early this month, Bryan Chase shared a photo through his IG showing himself in a car with Joe Rhee, DJ Don and Jaguar, with the caption “black” (which he has now deleted. Good thing we got to download the photo before). He also shared a photo with Zion.T.

It is no secret that Cohort has connections towards YG being that Okasian is a member of the same crew with GDragon and CL, and that some YG artists are friendly towards other Cohort members.

Other than Bryan Chase, it looks like The Black Label has got themselves even more producers under their wing including Slom, DJ Dopsh and DJ Don. They’ve also been seen to be in the studio more than usual with Zion.T.

Are you all looking forward to what The Black Label would offer soon?


3 thoughts on “TheLoyalist: Cohort in YG?

  1. I think Okasian is also part of The Black Label. His insta bio has his email with the black label domain, identical to the one for Bryan.


    1. Hi! Yeah. We think so, too. But unlike Bryan, it isn’t too obvious with Okasian, at least not yet. 😁 thanks for mentioning though!


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