New Double K Album “Green Wave”, “Used To” MV Drop Today,

After joining New Wave Seoul, Double K has announced that he’s been preparing for an album. After much waiting, “Green Wave” has finally reached airwaves. 

“Green Wave” is made up of 11 tracks, with three track already pre-released including “That Boi”, “Green Wave” and “OMG”. The songs share an array of producers that worked with Double K namely nior, Groovyroom, Gaka and Philtre.


  1. 난 뒤고싶은 데 (prod. by nior)
  2. Eat (ft. Tiger JK) (prod. by Gaka)
  3. Surf (ft. Sik-K, Jay Park) (prod. by Groovyroom)
  4. Breaking Bad (prod. by Flexquad)
  5. 익숙해 (ft. Kriz) (prod. by Philtre)
  6. Birthday (ft. Okasian) (prod. b y nior, Yehyun)
  7. OMG (ft. DoK2, Seo Inguk) (prod. by nior)
  8. Night Time (ft. B-Free) (prod. by Gaka)
  9. That Boi(ft. Justhis, Annone) (prod. by Groovyroom
  10. 기다려줘 (prod. by nior)
  11. Green Wave ft. M (Lee Minwoo) (prod by Sneaky)

Make sure to check out the MV to “Used To” before.


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