SMTM6 Confirmed Producers, Esens To Be In “Hiphop Show”

Show Me The Money 6 is close to airing its first episode and MNET has already revealed 3 producer teams to appear this season. 

The first team revealed were FANXYCHILD main men Zico and Dean. After a week, much to our surprise, it was announced that Tiger JK and Bizzy will make up one more team. And today, MNET revealed the third team, Dynamic Duo.

It was no surprise as Dynamic Duo were already rumored before to have received love calls from MNET to join this season. However, through a news article released today as well (source), it seems like Dynamic Duo wasn’t the only ones receiving love calls.

Rapper Esens is said to be receiving love calls as well to join a “hiphop show”. Although not confirmed whether it’s SMTM or any other major hiphop TV show, people have been showing interest as this will be Esens’ first TV appearance after a very long while.

If it’s SMTM6 he’s going to be part of, we’re definitely gonna be excited. How about you? Where do you want to see Esens on?


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