Happy Birthday Zion.T !

Who would not know of the name “Zion.T”? I know we all have heard of him and we can’t deny what he’s done for the scene ever since he debuted in 2011 with “Click Me” featuring DoK2, changing the trend in Korean RnB and soul.

Shortly after his debut, he was then scouted and signed onto Amoeba Culture where he saw more opportunities to spread his music. He released his first album in 2013 “Red Light” shortly followed by an EP “Mirrorball”.

It was only until the release of “Yanghwa Bridge” that Zion.T saw himself mingling with more mainstream artists, landing him collaborations with Shinee’s Jonghyun, Psy, GDragon, Seo Inyoung, PPBB and more. The song has been nominated in various music awards as well.

Zion.T has also worked numerous times with his fellow VV:D crew members, Loco, Elo, Gray and Crush, gaining a steady fanbase. His collaboration single with Crush “Just” has proven their stand in the music scene with numerous nominations from music awards. Although currently inactive together, the members are still seen spending time together and performing at concerts.

Right now, Zion.T is signed with YG’s sub-label The Black Label with other musicians and producers including Kush, Teddy, Dress, 24 and Joe Rhee. He then released his most recent album “OO” representing himself, as his music, although signed in a bigger label, remained to be the same signature Zion.T music we have all been in love with. The album and each song in it has been supported by the general public, landing them spots on music charts.

Right now, Zion.T can be seen in the studio recently with his labelmates. We’re all hoping it’s for a new project. But right now, head on to his SNS and make sure to give a greet!


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