TKL Exclusive Interview With Hunger Noma

With the rise of social media sites and free music portals such as Soundcloud, people think that becoming a popular artist comes off as easy. But it’s never always the case for everyone. We’ve sat down with Hunger Noma and found out more about him, his music, and his plans. He’s been rapping since 2013, debuting with his mixtape “Palette”. His recent material is the mixtape “Another Film”. Read more about him below!

Please introduce yourself to our readers.
Hi! I’m Hunger Noma, a rapper from South Korea, member of Vitality and Empty Handed Warriors. If you don’t know about me, listen to my EP and mixtapes.

How did you start out with music?
I listened to hiphop since I was 14 years old. There were so many rappers and artists, I wanted to be like them then I started.

Who influenced you greatly in becoming a rapper?
Myself, I (really) wanted it.

Who are your favorite artists and favorite songs?
Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You”

How hard is it becoming a hiphop artist in South Korea? What was the biggest problem you ever had?
I think, (everything) is so hard. Too many problem, too many rappers in a small land. Everyone is following trends. (But) they live in SNS. My music is non-mainstream (and) they don’t listen to it. I (tell myself) I got no chance and less possibilities. (I’m thinking to) quit soon.

What makes you decide on quitting hiphop/rap?
I want try another style music like folk rock. The loneliness and solitude makes me sad so I’m deciding to quit hiphop music

What is your favorite out of all the songs you released?
“Love Dream” from “Pray Hard EP”

We saw your video for SMTM6. What made you join?
It’s like lottery, just join with no idea of winning. I dont care about the result, because i will quit soon, in a few years.

If you ever get in Show Me The Money, what do you expect will happen? Will you still want to stop your career as an artist?
If i ever get to SMTM, umm… I don’t know what will happen. I want it to be a positive thing. I will not stop to my career as an artist, only with hiphop music. I will make something new for my whole life.

Are you working on new material? Any future projects?
I’m working on an LP, maybe it will come out in winter. It’s going to be my first and last LP so I want made be a great one. And I’m working on a project team with Deliman in my crew. We’re calling this project “Brother From Another Mother”. It will be good project, (to be relased) after my LP.
Afterwards, I will quit. Done.

Will your work with Deliman be released soon?
The project with Deliman is coming out on winter or next year, maybe it won’t, nothing is certain yet.

Have you ever met fans? How do you approach them?
I met some fans after shows sometimes. We talk afterwards.

Any message you have for the readers and fans?
If you listen my music and pay the royalty, thank you very much. And for my fans, I love you really and I’m thankful.


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