DoK2 Releases New Album “REBORN”

It’s March 28th and DoK2 is celebrating his 28th birthday. Along with his special and vacation in Hawaii, he has just dropped his newest album “REBORN”.


  2. Ambition and Vision (featuring Beenzino, Changmo, Kim Hyoeun, Hash Swan, The Quiett)
  3. Rollercoaster (featuring Jo Wonsun)
  4. Hiphop Lover
  5. Plus 82 (featuring Bryan Chase)
  6. WTF (Who The Fuck)
  7. 워럽 (featuring Kim Hyoeun)
  8. In My Whip (featuring Jay Park, Superbee, The Quiett)
  9. On&On (featuring Lee Hi)
  10. Money Dance (featuring B-Free, Bryan Chase, Okasian)

Made up of 10 tracks, the album dropped today digitally with songs featuring various artists, namely the newest Illionaire – Ambition Musik anthem “Ambition and Vision” featuring all members of the labels. Amusingly, “Rollercoaster” features vocals from Jo Wonsun who is a member of the K-Indie group of the same name!

Check out some of our favorite tracks from the album below.

DoK2 also revealed a video on his Instagram revealing that he would be participating in Show Me the Money 6 as “the 4th member of Ambition Musik”. If this means he would be a judge or contestant, it isn’t sure. But let’s find out in the upcoming days! 


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