Some Of Our Favorite Cats And Their Owners


I love cats! We have 12 cats at home, 4 of which are really mine. It isn’t a surprise that even in the KHOP world, I would be greatly feel loving towards artists who own and take care of cats of their own. Surprisingly, most of who I really follow do love cats! It’s destiny. Let me show you who my favorites are.


His cat’s name is Namu and even has its own Instagram account that has a whopping 4,000 followers.

Punchnello and Rad Museum

These two Club Eskimo members live together so it wasn’t such a surprise when they wanted a pet of their own, too. Jack (black) is really Rad Museum’s cat. Ddung (white and black) was a stray cat they picked up one night after seeing it hungry on the streets. They even posted on their Instagram trying to look for its owner. I guess no one ever stood up but at least they have another feline in the family. Punchnello however, recently just adopted a new cat and named it Rue!

Such a cutie!


Now, Code Kunst’s cat may probably be the most popular cat ever! Siru, as it is named, was first introduced to the public as HIGHGRND’s “mascot” and he pretty much does a good job at it for always bothering Code Kunst. Haha! The little critter always looks so playful and is most of the time, the star of Code Kunst’s Instagram posts and stories. But while Siru may look nice and cuddly, we know another cat that looks like him but…


Meet Johnny, Mino’s grumpy cat. I don’t know if you guys ever watch Mino and the other WINNER members’ Instagrams, but Johnny is totally Siru’s exact opposite. Anyone remember that video of him with a death glare sent out to Seunghoon in the bathroom?!


If her moniker doesn’t give you the impression, then I don’t know what’s wrong with you. KittiB loves cats, too! Unluckily, I forgot her black cat’s name. Before she edited her Instagram and deleted some photos, KittiB would usually share a photo or two of her cat, sometimes even sharing a kiss with each other. So adorable! During Unpretty Rapstar 2, she was also seen tearing up while hearing Hyorin’s lyrics that talked about her cat.


I have always liked Samuel Seo but I didn’t know that he owned a cat until he started sharing its photos in his Instagram. Just like my own cat, his is a mix of orange and white and they look absolutely adorable together, especially in this photo.


I am so biased to have him here since he’s more in the K-Indie scene rather than KHOP, but heck. He’s a DJ. And I love his cat, Yanggaeng. (I actually love Shaun a lot, too. lol). They rarely have a photo together but Shaun loves to share videos of Yanggaeng and its sometimes weird antics. He even once shared a video of Yanggaeng on the bed staring straight to the camera like… “What is that, human?!” I wanna be able to cuddle with it one day!

And of course, here’s my favorite cat, TARU!

Taru is actually my cat. Haha! His mom-cat, Hershey, was the only female we had before. Then she gave birth to a first pair of cats, then came Taru after 6 months. He was such a sickly cat when he was young. Now, he’s all grown up. He’s really playful and fun, making us run into some trouble along the way, too. He knows exactly what to do if he sees my phone’s screen. He doesn’t sleep anywhere unless it’s on a bed or a pillow.

Do you guys like cats, too? Who are your favorite artists and their cats?


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