Going Back to Beenzino’s Last Concert in Seoul

On March 11th, Beenzino held his Day & Night concert in Seoul. The concert was divided into two sets: the day set at 2pm and the night set at 6pm. Along with his usual guests DoK2 and The Quiett (as it is mandatory for Illionaire to turn up at any Beenzino show. lol), there were also special appearances by Changmo, Hash Swan, Kim Hyoeun, YDG, Don Mills, Beatbox DG, Shimmytwice and the band WKMS. Surprisingly, we got a special guest, too. ESENS, his first performance at a major concert.

Just like me, a lot of people were surprised as to why it was titled as Beenzino’s “Last Concert in Seoul”. And as Beenzino has announced, he would be entering military service this year. It’s not sure if the Jazzyfact album will come first before his enlistment though. Although it’s sad to see one of the best rappers take a hiatus from the scene, we’re still excited what else he’ll be able to bring to the table before he officially enlists.

Definitely gonna miss you Beenzino! Watch some of the videos from the concert below!


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