Rudals Releases His First EP “High On Life”

Rudals has been actively making and releasing music since 2015, later on being a trainee under Brand New Music. He has been featured in a number of tracks as well, including ones with MC Gree. He has been receiving much love since then and the support kept on coming, greatly shown as he was seen participating for Highschool Rapper (sadly getting eliminated).

But that wassn’t the end of Rudals. With a growing number of songs under his name, it was just right to show him off to the world.

On March 9th, Rudals released his first EP titled “High On Life” made up of  9 tracks, all of which he produced by himself. “I Be The Man” was a track he released last year while “Sometimes” was shared online through Soundcloud last February.

Rudals’ EP is now available in various music portals. Go check!

Melon :
Bugs :
Genie :
Naver :



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