Prima Music Group Reveals New Artists

Prima Music Group may be a rookie label in the scene, not to mention housing some amazing rookie names, but heck with that. They’re out here already bringing us some fire tracks and more stuff to anticipate.

After recently announcing their birth and the first names in their roster: XQ, Primeboi, Quaimo and Jay Moon, they just recently announced that they added two new rappers, NO:EL and Kyu Young.

While everyone may now already know who Kyu Young is, after releasing mixtapes and singles and even being one of the rookies Swings’ promotes, we’re still excited now that he’s officially in a label Β NO:EL received much attention after appearing in Highschool Rapper, only being eliminated/cut from the show as an issue came up regarding his bullying and assumed harassment online (source). That issue just got a little way out of hand after realizing that NO:EL’s dad is actually a part of the South Korean government/parliament. But putting that aside, we got a pretty cool rapper in our midst everyone. He’s damn good.

Adding to this announcement, Prima Music also released video clips of their artists doing freestyle raps, probably getting ready for Show Me The Money 6. Check them out below!


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