International Concerts March 2017


Dean’s crew Club Eskimo is coming to Canada and we’re all excited. Dean, Miso and Chekparren appeared during Crush’s show in London and it proved how much popularity they have internationally. This time around, they’re headed to Canada with Dean, 2xxx!, Miso and Offonoff. They’ll  be heading out to Vancouver and Toronto. Make sure ya’ll turning up!

JESSI in the USA

Jessi’s been quite in demand lately and what better way to celebrate that than by a concert tour? The ssenunnie will be dropping by four cities starting March 17 in New York then, Atlantic City, Chicago and Los Angeles.

ELO & DJ Pumkin in Europe

Although a lot of us are wishing for an AOMG tour in our countries (I know we do. T_T), seems like Europe is gonna get a pre-taste of it with Elo and DJ Pumkin coming over for a show. They’ll be in London and Paris in April and from what I’ve heard, tickets are already selling out! Make sure you cop some and don’t miss a chance to be serenaded by Elo!

CRUMP Vol. 2

Now locally, we got shows, too. On March 18, Crump Vol. 2 is to be held at Platform Changdong 61. This concert series was started by DJ Tiz and this year’s line up introduces J’Kyun, Fana, Jin Dotgae, Cream Villa and Osamari crew. Tickets available at Melon tickets!


Bill Stax recently dropped his first mixtape “Buffet”. And to celebrate his new beginning, he will be holding a concert on March 17 at the Hongdae West Bridge Live Hall with guests, Sexy Street, Nochang, Young Thugs Club, Tammy and more. We’re expecting his Secret Society crew down there so be sure to turn up!


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