What To Watch? GroovyRoom VLogs!

I know  a lot of people are already so interested with the young producer team that is GroovyRoom (young because they’re the same age as me! lol): winning awards after awards, their beats being sung by big artists. But aside from their overly appealing beats and complimented good looks, I’ve been drawn towards them for being such goofy kids, especially because Hwimin is such a talkative piece of fluff ball. Haha! But while most producers don’t usually show themselves in public or very few photos of them can be seen, GroovyRoom has granted a lot of fangirls’ requests in seeing them more often. And in what better way to get to know them than by watching their everyday videos.


The producer unit has just released their first string of VLOGs directed by Illumin. It shows their lives as producers, the artists they get to work with, the places they’ve been to and the normal things they do everyday. Episode one shows how they met Kim Hyoeun and did a song together. Episode is them eating lunch (with Hwimin being cute!) and episode three shows when they went to LA in 2016 with Boycold.

Check out their vlogs below and be sure to anticipate the next ones!


Sorry. I just love Hwimin. XD 


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