TKL Notice Being Back!

It’s been a while since my last notice post. It makes me miss you guys so much. HAHA! I just wanted to keep you guys updated with what we’ve been up to.

First, it was sad when I wasn’t able to see Monsta X last year. Oh well. You guys know I work so not much of my time is really in my hands. But at least, I got the chance to see Jay Park live! That I just really had to prepare myself and based on my experience, you all know I enjoyed myself.
Second, I don’t know if you all have been following my Facebook page but I have been doing a weekly radio thing by doing lives. I do it on Saturdays at 11am Philippine time which is a GMT+8 (do not ask me to calculate the time difference. I don’t even know if I am that accurate with what I gave. I’m stupid. OTL kidding). So what I usually do is that I share 10-12 songs for the day, giving you a peak at what I listen to currently. I’ve been sharing updates as well real time. I really want this to become more like a real radio broadcast. But as of now, I still have audio problems and sometimes the lives don’t upload to Facebook after it’s done. I have to fix that somehow. I’m actually thinking of uploading my episodes on Soundcloud after but that means I might need to upgrade my account on the site. But either way, we are just starting so we’ll get to figure out things in the future and make everything flowing easy. For now, listen to my first live!

Thirdly, I was so sad because I haven’t been able to update for like.. 4 days? I have been extremely busy and some conflicts arose. But thank God all of those have been addressed already. So here I am, back to give you the latest information we could get our hands to.

Lastly, there will be a lot of things ahead of us this year, mainly talking about myself. I am overwhelmed with the things that are happening to my life right now, and also with what the future holds. This is the first time that I actually am planning out my future and there’s just no room to become lazy. There will be activities for the KHOP community in my country soon. I am eyeing to become more active in giving you real-time updates as well, like really.. More and more than what I am offering right now. I am also aiming to finally be able to set foot on Korea by next year. I just can’t do that right now because I have to fund my brothers’ schooling first (I’m such a dedicated sister and daughter. LOL).

There is just no reason for us to stop our support for the scene. Every year, every month, every day is another chance for us to meet our goals, that’s what I’ve realized just lately. And if we put our heart into the things we really love and want to do, nothing can stop us. Hope to see you guys until the end! Thanks for reading and supporting this blog! One love!


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