Korean Hiphop Awards 2017 Winners

The leading Korean hiphop webzines in South Korea teamed up and brought to us the first ever Korean Hiphop Awards, a first of many more upcoming future partnerships already being planned by them.

On February 27th, the winners for the awards were announced. But unlike the traditional “ceremonial” type of event, Korea Hiphop Awards revealed the winners through a pre-recorded video revealing the names and interviews with the artists, talking much deeper about their work and recognition. More than that, messages and inspiring talk were given by some of the big names in the scene such as Dynamic Duo, Deepflow, DJ Soulscape, MC Meta and Sean2Slow (which is actually his first ever interview!).

Below is the full list of winners and next is the whole video.

  • Rookie of the Year : JUSTHIS
  • Underestimated Album of the Year : COLOSSUS (SLEEQ)
  • Producer of the Year : GROOVYROOM
  • R&B Track of the Year : DEAN’s “D (Half Moon)”
  • Hiphop Track of the Year : BEWHY’s “Forever”
  • Hiphop Album of the Year : THE GOD OF SMALL THINGS (Nucksal)
  • Best Collaboration of the Year : EUNG FREESTYLE (Sik-K, Live, Punchnello, Owen Ovadoz, Flowsik)
  • R&B Album of the Year : EVERYTHING YOU WANTED (Jay Park)
  • Artist of the Year : JAY PARK


The Korean Hiphop Awards added another category which doesn’t really state a winner, however shared who they think would be the “next” batch of artists we all should be keeping our eyes peeled for. The list includes LIVE, pH-1, Mac Kidd, O3ohn  and Penomeco.

And tonight, to celebrate this monumental first in the KHOP scene, the Korean Hiphop Awards will be holding an afterparty at The Henz Club with special performances and sets by DJs YTst, Jeyon, Maalib, Someone and Coker.



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