K-INDIE : Latest Singles from Parasol x Silica Gel, Soma, Cheeze & Eden


Parasol and Silica Gel has teamed up to bring the single “Space Angel” that stretches to a whopping 7 minutes of neo-psychedelic and electronic music, infusing each others’ sounds into one.


Singer-songwriter Soma has finally dropped her first EP “SOMABLU”. It is made up of 5 beautiful tracks, each of which she had help with other known producers such as Nuz, Minje, Buggy and J.Flow. Stoneship released a music video for “Midnight in Paris”, being her title track. Surprisingly, the same song has a reggae mix that is equally alluring!


Cheeze recently just announced that the two members will be parting ways soon and that this single will be the start of their farewell era as they prepare for their last EP together. With that news, it saddened me so much as I am personally a fan of this band. I remember listening to Cheeze when they had 4 members until they lasted with Cloud and Dalchong. On February 19th, as though to fuel our future longing for them, they released the song “Love You (bye)”. I have inevitably tried to avoid listening to this song but I just couldn’t help it. As sad as it is to soon say “bye” to them, I just had to listen, and just as always, they never disappoint.


Eden has been quietly making a name for himself after producing tracks for other artists. This time around, he released his first single “I’m Still” featuring the singer Kwon Jinah, showing how talented he is both in songwriting and singing.


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