SOTW : “Come Over”

I have personally waited for Dean to make a comeback.  So when he teased and announced about a single album, I was already crazily ready. The world needs more Dean songs in this lifetime. He dropped “Limbo” on the 17th and I have been playing it repeatedly over the week. I may listen to other songs while I walk home but when I want to concentrate and get myself sleepy, I have this on repeat, even influencing my colleagues to listen to it. But let me talk about both songs.

“Unwanted Guest” is the first track in the single album and Dean himself told people to listen to it as well, that it would be nice to listen to “Come Over” first, then “Unwanted Guest”, then go back to the first, conceptualizing what it feels like to go back to a love that you wanted to forget already. Somehow, that didn’t work out for me. Maybe because of ht language barrier that I couldn’t appreciate “Unwanted Guest” as a whole. But musically, the first track offers so much soul from Dean. That sensual piano and Dean’s slow and breathy singing gave it a dreamy effect, that same moment you feel just before you fall into a deep slumber. I would have loved to listen to “Unwanted Guest” a lot more if only it was a lot longer. From all the heavy bass, tap and boombap tracks I’ve been listening to for the past month, songs like this refreshes my ears

And that’s where “Come Over” is supposed to come into the picture.

That piano in the beginning was a great compliment and start especially when we connect it to “Unwanted Guest”. But then that bass drops and I was like… woah! That definitely felt like you opened your eyes in your dreams and everything starts to become strange. And that piano definitely got the song going. This song is different from his past releases where Dean would either go hard like in “Pour Up” or take it real slow like in “what2do”. I don’t know how to categorize this track. Dreamy? Lovely? But either way, I love it. However, even with Baek Yerin featuring on the song, I felt like something was still missing. It may just be me but I felt like it would have sounded more charming if it was Hoody singing, her and her soft and dreamy voice. But I do feel like Baek Yerin gave that same amount of energy compared to what Hoody would have offered.

So I guess, until Dean drops a new song, “Come Over” will be on repeat. I hope you all loved the song as much as I did.




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