“G2’s Life, Pt. 2” Drops, New MVs Released

In December, just as he promised, G2 came out with the EP “G2’s Life, Pt. 1” which talks about his childhood and how he started off with rapping. The album received much attention as he collaborated with producer Gray on the beats and some famous names on every song. The title track, “1999” was released with a music video and showed his struggles in his youth, being raised in America and sticking to his family through the ups and downs


  1. 1999 (ft. Gray)
  2.  Gray
  3. Hi-Way (ft. Hwaji, Paloalto)
  4. Oasis (ft. Car, the Garden, YDG)
  5.  We Are Young (ft. Jessi)
  6.  Hip Hop (Interlude)

After that era, G2 along with other Hi-Lite artists have been doing shows both in Korea and America. And just last night, the second part to his “G2’s Life” now made up of 5 tracks and unlike the first part, now talks about his current life and all the hustles he has to do, with most tracks featuring US-based rappers such as A.C.T and Dumbfoundead. On the 17th, Hi-Lite pre-released the MV to “Hymn 2”, a new take on his 2015 single featuring Don Mills “Hymn”.


  1.  Hymn II
  2.  Bread (feat. A.C.T. & Loopy)
  3.  Bang (feat. Bago, Los & Dumbfoundead)
  4.  Valley (feat. Dok2 & Boobie Lootaveli)
  5.  Knockin’ at the Door

Last night, the MV to the song “Bread” featuring A.C.T and Loopy dropped, with scenes and clips from the shows he'[s been to in the US shown, the track being first revealed there.


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