DEAN Makes Awaited Comeback With Single Album “Limbo”

I know a lot of people out there have been waiting for something new from Dean for such a long while now. The singer has been relatively active, doing shows and producing music here and there. And he did not disappoint when he started teasing about releasing new songs.



On February 17, Dean dropped his single album titled Limbo” made up two tracks, “불청객” (Unwanted Guest) and “넘어와” (Come Over), which is the title track and features vocals from Baek Yerin, The music video visuals was created by the artist Seonglib while the cover artwork was a collaboration between Dean and Rad Museum.

Just before the release of his single, Dean did a live broadcast along with his Club Eskimo members, Chekparren and Rad Museum. He answered some questions from fans and then explained the theme of his new songs and how both songs compliment each other and tell a story. He did the live simultaneously through Universal Music’s V Channel and his Facebook page.



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