BANA Drops Juneone x Krystal Collab “I Don’t Wanna Love You”

There definitely is no rest time for the artists from BANA. Just tonight, the single “I Don’t Wanna Love You” just dropped which is a collaboration between Glen Check’s Juneone and f(Krystal) (Yes, that’s how you properly mention a member of f(x)).


The single features a music video and a string of photos published into a book that will be shown as an exhibit at MU and Boontheshop Cheongdam. You can check the photos on  BANA’s official website. Krystal was seen together with BANA artists Glen Check and XXX at the Boontheshop renewal opening party and she performed the single live, with XXX as the opening acts last night.

The music video also dropped last night during the event. Although most people didn’t like the MV, commenting how it was low-grade and unprofessional, we loved it though. Just like how the song suggests a hurtful and destructive relationship, it also is shown through the video’s theme and artistry. But more than that, we loved how the music greatly matches f(x) and Krystal’s style. What do you guys think?



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