[ RECAP ] MNET High School Rapper Ep. 1

Show Me The Money and Unpretty Rapstar are your usual go-to-show when it comes to mainstream rap shows. Since there hasn’t been any news yet if there will be a sixth season for SMTM, MNET made sure we won’t miss any of the drama and created a new rap show, this time, for high school rappers!

Highschool Rapper is out to search for the next best rapper, hosted by HaHa and MC Minji. The show sets themselves in different highschools where the kids are to perform a song in front of other contestants, an audience and the mentors, Giriboy, Xitsuh, Swings, Mad Clown, Deepflow, YDG and Jessi. The audience will press the buttons for a rapper they like and added with the scores from the mentors, the kids will be ranked by their scores. Only the Top 9 for every leg will remain in the game (or at least, that’s what I understand from it).


I was really happy when I saw Jessi in the mentor line-up. For once, female rappers will be represented. I totally love the reactions Jessi got from the kids when she came out as a mentor and sat in front of all of them. Most of the boys (if not all) were scared while most of the girls were all smiles!Β And if you saw those reactions when Deepflow came out, I would have done the same thing. I would have screamed! It’s not everyday that a REALLY underground artist comes out on TV.

There were actually a lot of really good kids out there. Let me name some form the first episode.


This little cutie named Jo Minwook. He was introduced as part of a crew of highschool rappers. I became quite interested in them because apparently, they have already produced their own songs and shows. Their “leader” sadly didn’t get into the cut and some of their other members were also becoming a disappointment. But when this kid came out, WOW! He has this voice I like (not to mention that cute little smile that reminds me of Club Eskimo’s Chekparren <3). He even danced right around the hook of his song. Swings commended how his performance had rap, flow, style, and even a cute dance. He ranked first until Kim Sungjae beat him with a score of 223. I’ll definitely watch out for this kid.

Then there are those that didn’t leave much interest in me. The female rapper they showed though, Lee Ji Eun, is actually good. She looks a lot like Ahn Sohee (the former Wonder Girls member). Since I am no fan of Sohee, I was anticipating that she would be just like her face, sweet and chic. BUT! When she started to rap, her voice changed into something deeper and wow. She was good.

There’s also this kid form the USA, Johnny. He’s also a cutie. He wasn’t that good for me, I guess it comes with his cute image and not so heavy rapping. Swings sort of didn’t like him as well. But hey! The heavens seemed to and he ranked 4th.

Then there are the idols.

One is MC Gree, who really isn’t an idol but is tagged as one since he’s a child actor as well, not just a rapper. But MNET was good enough to keep us hanging with his results. So let me talk about two other boys.


This is Kim Sunwoo and according to everyone, he’s an idol. To which group he belongs or what his screen name is, I do not know. But you gotta hang it to him. He is good! He is actually Top1 in their leg. Mad Clown definitely likes his style. But for me, he’s pretty average. I don’t know. Maybe because there are others out there who can do his style as well. Didn’t quite leave a mark. But if it’s performance we’re only just talking about here, he’s definitely a winner, definitely knows how to wow a crowd.

But….. This is the one I really like.


His name Jang Yongjoon. They say he’s also an idol. I learned his screen name is No:El. Wherever he belongs to, I don’t know, and I would probably won’t care. But here’s the thing… I LIKE HIM. His attitude, his style, his rap, his presence. I am so into him, I want him to win (although I still want Luda to win this. I’m biased. I know. LOL). He reminds me of Punchnello a lot, even the way he raps and the shirt he’s wearing reminds me of Punchnello! But there’s still something about him that defines him from the Club Eskimo rapper and I think it’s his presence. There’s just too much confidence oozing out of No:el. And that’s something Swings liked about him. Guess we have the same taste, Swings.

So after an hour, the show ended and teased on the second episode where Young B, Luda and NCT’s Mark will be shown. Talk about keeping us hanging.

If you haven’t yet, you can watch the whole episode here!



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