[RECAP] Undergod VLOG

There’s a new rap show coming our way, MNET’s School Rapper, and it’s starting on Friday. I already have plans on watching it but I’m back logged on a lot of other shows that I should be talking about. So I decided on starting once again. And I chose my pick.


Snacky Chan has started a VLOG series released through Dynasty Musik’s Youtube Channel. There isn’t a set day and time to when each episode is released though so you better always check updates about it. There have only been 2 logs released. Let’s go through them.

On episode one, Snacky Chan goes to the Mic Swagger concert with Keebomb, introducing all the other artists performing for the night including Nucksal, Deepflow, Nuol, Hash Swan and more!

Episode 2 starts off with Snacky Chan giving Keebomb a quick English lesson. The two are later seen at the Yaman show, talking with King Kong and Wutan, who all then later talk about DinDin. Much love out to that guy though. LOL

We’re really hoping to see more VLOG’s from Snacky Chan. We’re actually happy to see him doing videos like this, especially when he tries his best to speak Korean more and more, and also having access to his life as a rapper!


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