Marvel J is Back With New EP “Graduation”

After more than a year, Marvel J has been inactive in the underground scene. After DaeNamHyup slowly parting ways and signing to a label, the rapper is now back, and with an album under his name! “Graduation” is Marvel J’s first EP consisting of 8 eight tracks. He has received much help and support from fellow rappers and producers including Bigtray, Changmo, Deepflow and more! The title track “Forgive Me” features Changmo and Don Mills and shows just how Marvel J was praised for: that sick flow, deep voice and style.



01. Graduation (ft. BO)
02. Jay World
03. Forgive Me (ft. Changmo, Don Mills)
04. So Wut (ft. Deepflow)
05. 돈 벌러 왔어 (ft. Changmo)
06. 꺼
07. Amen (ft. Basick)
08. Nothing Like Hiphop (ft. Illinit)

To celebrate the release of his album, Marvel J did a V Live along with Basick, BO and Bigtray through Rainbow Bridge’s V Channel. You can check the video here! We’re hoping to see more activities from Marvel J from now on!


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