TheLoyalist: “Complex” Zion.T ft. GDragon

Just recently, Zion.T has dropped his album “OO”. Other than his title track “The Song” receiving quite the attention, his collaborative track with GDragon “Complex” has also caught everyone’s  attention, first because of GD, second because of the message of the song. It has become an issue that people view this song as a “diss” towards idols (source). Fans, of course, were just as quick and glad to jump on the issue, some already showing hate towards Zion.T. There have already been comments about it circulating the internet but

I’ll just give my two cents about the whole issue here. I already posted this on my Facebook account, and a friend share it on Twitter, too. But I think, it’s better to put it here, for everyone, even in the future, to see.


= Zion.T ft. GDragon

You know what I think about the whole thing?! This is more than just people perceiving that this is a “diss” towards idols or an artists’ inferiority complex towards their work and lifestyle. More than Zion.T saying that idols have it easy on their part with only baring beautiful faces, dance moves and love songs, he is actually trying to say that music, in general, is his passion but the things that come along with (image, popularity, demand, etc.) are tiring and he struggles if he could ever learn to keep up with it. While GD points out that if people think becoming an idol is easy, it perfectly isn’t, he wants people to actually think of him, not just the persona Zion.T is portraying, but for EVERYONE watching him, everyone expecting something from him, to think if what he’s going through can be called easy, if popularity is something you can actually be happy about.

And if people missed the point… I don’t think both Zion.T & GD are trying to “attack” fellow artists or idols. I think… That they’re trying to attack US, the onlookers, the fans, the critics, EVERYONE. Do you think that an underground artists such as Zion.T has ever gotten to the point where he’s already used to papparazzis following him everywhere?! To people who start calling him “oppa”?! To people calling his name whenever he’s out just hanging aroud with friends, asking for selcas or autographs?! To people wanting him to change his image and music to fit in the mainstream music scene?! To people wanting to steal his free time and invite him to shows?! To companies urging him to release something when he doesn’t feel like it?! Even though he isn’t as popular as GD, or any other idol out there, he experiences these and it puts pressure on him. Will he ever be enough for people?! Will his music just be enough?! Will they continue to accept him even though he’s inactive?! I believe those are some struggles he has been facing especially when he decided to join YG/The Black Label.

Alongside that, is GDragon’s complexities. Yes. He’s been in the business longer than Zion.T. We all know GD or anyone in YG has never been pressured to become an artist that they aren’t. The only pressure they have actually is producing quality music. But as an artist, YG actually has their artists easy. What bothers GD now, according to his lyrics, are the things that come with this popularity, and once again, those are the eyes following his every move, fans, press, critics, haters, EVERYONE. Why is this an issue to him?! In the lyrics he said, “I don’t have a complex”. That’s true. What else is he afraid of?! He’s one of the top idols of his time, rich and famous. But look… He also said “I’d rather be you (Zion.T)”. There’s no complex….but a wish, a wish to become someone like Zion.T where people don’t know his face, don’t follow him around as much, where if press sees someone else, they would leave him alone. What GD said is true. Despite having countless songs in his name, recently when you talk about him, it’s all about Peaceminusone, +82, Fashion, Kiko Mizuhara, and other scandals. If for Zion.T, becoming a performing artist is hard enough, try becoming GDragon and think about both creating music which his outmost passion, and becoming a “better” celebrity in the eyes of the public. Even though GD might have already known even before that this would be the kind of life he signed up for, I swear it still has given him a hard time and at numerous occassions, burned him out already.

You think this is between artists?! Maybe. But I think… No. They’re literally talking to US. Listen well. Is this what we think of musicians?! Is this how we make their lives miserable?! Is this how we perceive our future favorite artists to be?! They started just for the heck of doing music and now also need to think of how to satisfy our crooked belief on how a celebrity should act, just for the sake of popularity. It stresses them out and it gives them so much struggle. At one point we love them to the brink of sacrificing everything just to see them, but at one mistake, an honest mistake, we act as though we could kill them and tear them into pieces. We see someone so sincere and honest with their passion when they start their career, then we try to recreate them into something that we think is a “perfect idol”, but finally try to drag them down when popularity has hit them so hard. This is that kind of world the public has created for artists, with GD already warning Zion.T, “You think you can survive?!”‘

Both of them are telling us that everyone in the scene experiences these struggles. And if you aren’t as strong as GD, they might not even last long doing music. There are numerous idols, artists, musicians that have sadly given up with their passion because this life everyone has put them in has become too much too handle. Will we continue to become the “crazy”, “complex” fans that we are?! Or try to tone down and continue the same appreciation we’ve given to rookies when their music was the only thing important to us?! Will we, to the current top artists, become nuissances when they try their best to show people their sincere selves?! Is too hard for people now to accept artists as who they really are?!

Think about it.


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