SOTW: Chunky!

I haven’t done a Song Of The Week entry for quite a while now. But I just couldn’t resist not talking about this wonderful song.

Released last week as part of the newly founded Niche Movement, an underground rhythm and blues collection in Korea, Sumin, Horim and Nah Zamsue got together and created this beautiful song titled “Chunky!”, produced by both Sumin and Nah Zamsue, the vocals by Horim and Sumin. The song is a creation with  RnB, soul, 80’s and retro sounds molded together into perfection.

It’s winter in Korea and these chill, vibey music just really compliments with cold weather, added by these singers’ lovely voices. I would love to dance with someone in the middle of my apartment while this plays in the background until we get tired and cuddle in the sheets. Too bad though. I don’t have someone special yet. LOL We definitely love how Sumin and Horim’s voices go well together.  All three of them have released an album of their own last year with very good recognition, with Sumin’s “Beat, And go to sleep” and Nah Zamsue’s “Till The Sun Goes Up” getting nominated for the Korean Hiphop Awards.

It would have been amazing to see a music video for this song though. But since it doesn’t have one, click on ‘repeat” on their Soundcloud channel instead!

Also, the three artists will be holding a collaboration concert on February 11 at Freebird 2, calling it the Delicious R&B Concert “Chunky”. You can check the concert details here.



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