PandaGomm to Drop His First Producing Tape

JayCoBees has been one of the young crews that we’ve kept our eyes on for the past year, with B-Jyun leading the crew. This time around, they announced that it’s member Panda Gomm, a producer and beatmaker, will be dropping his first producing tape featuring various artists on February 3rd.

The title track is “Remember That” with B-Jyun, and a music video to go along with it and released on the same day. Other names who collaborated with Panda Gomm are Young V, Bumby, Leelamarz, Osshun Gum, 100KGold and Boole.


  1. Shitty Day
  2. Remember That (w/ B-Jyun)
  3. TV STAR (w/ Boole)
  4. 선인정 9w/ bumby
  5. Break The Bank (w/ Young V)
  6. Free (w/ Leellamarz)
  7. Someday (w/ 100KGOLD, OSshun Gum)


The last track “Someday” was already released through Panda Gomm’s Soundcloud a month ago.


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