TheLoyalist : #JayParkinMNL & K-Beauty Party Got Lit!

Early 2016, I’ve already heard of rumors that some promoters were planning to bring AOMG to the Philippines. But with the schedules of each of their artists, it became impossible to have them do a show here. However, near the middle of November, great news got my my way. It isn’t a secret that I handle the AOMG fanbase here in the Philippines. Around that month, we were informed that Jay Park would be coming to the Philippines and be a special guest for a business showcase they were planning by January. Me and my circle of friends were already excited and nervous.


It was announced in December by Yeppunonnie PH, a Korean cosmetics wholesaler in the Philippines, that they have partnered up with Ouniwang to host the first K-Beauty Philippines showcase. The event aims to bring together different cosmetic companies and introduce their products to the Philippine community. And to make it more exciting, they invited Jay Park over to perform.

AOMG Philippines met up with a representative from Yeppunonnie PH, giving us the jist of the event and what to expect, even before they officially announced it. They challenged us that if 200 people bought tickets and were sure to go to the event, they would allow the fanbase staff to meet Jay Park in person. Challenge accepted however, challenge failed. We didn’t reach the cut but that didn’t stop us from inviting people. When and where else would you see Jay Park live in the Philippines, right?

Before the event itself, I was so stressed out. There were a lot of things that happened and I needed to tend to them, of course. I literally had to skip sleep, food and more. I couldn’t even concentrate on work or the blog. My mind was flying everywhere. A lot of my friends and AOMG fans were already planning to go to the event. Since it was going to be held at night and the venue is far from the city I come from, I thought it would be smart to go book a hotel somewhere to sleep there for the night. Luckily, there were people who agreed to go with us, some of which came from provinces. I took that opportunity to just relax and let go.

So fast forward to the event night.

img20170124194429.jpgIt happened at the Valkyrie club at the Palace Pool Club in Makati City, considered as Metro Manila’s prime center of business. We went inside and just before you get into the club, there was a backdrop prepared where guests can take their picture taken. I am hoping that once Yeppunonnie PH releases those photos, I would look awkward. LOL img20170124204203.jpg Inside, the various brands had small tables set up for their showcase all lined up around the place. In the middle were seats and tables designated for the VIPs, sponsors, bloggers (beauty bloggers) and… AOMG. Yes. The crew was given their own table around everyone else’s. Luckily, my team took a table where we were just 3 meters away from them. The stage was also just a few meters away. We were blessed, for sure.

So the show started with business, with the Yeppunonnie PH CEO speaking on behalf of their team and welcoming the attendees. Personally, I am no make-up person. But people who follow me on Instagram would be aware that I am starting to use it, most specifically, skin care products. I was at first hesitant to really go to this event despite already having a ticket in December. But being there was actually really fun. The different brands did on-the-spot make up tutorials and even though it was hard to actually know what to do if it’s just you, at least you get the grasp of how to do it, where to apply certain things and what they’re for. There was also a little make up quiz where whoever gets the right answer will get a little gift. What really surprised us are the raffle prizes. They were no joke! I had friends who won and they got a lot, A LOT: mists, cushions, lip sticks, lip tints, face masks, mascara, eye liners, name it! It was all in one bag. Similarly, the loot bags everyone got at the end of the event mostly had face gels, cushions, and more. And yes. All of those were free. If you think you’re PHP2500 wouldn’t get so far, think again!

During the middle of the event, I noticed one of the organizer staff get up from her seat and went out with others. Somehow, I already knew something big was going to happen next. I pulled my friends to follow me near the stage where the current 10-minute make up challenge was going on. And we weren’t wrong. They said Jay Park was already in the building and yes. My group got the good spots. RIGHT NEAR THE STAGE. I told you we were blessed. The emcee announced that they would pick 5 lucky fans to have a meet&greet opportunity with Jay Park (which I didn’t get to win. lol). A few more minutes more and yes! DJ Wegun runs onto the stage to prepare the music. Ya’ll know that made me crazy! Other than Jay Park, I love everyone from AOMG and Wegun isn’t an exemption to that, being a fan of Buckwilds and Backnforth prior to him joining the label.

Then the party started!

Jay Park stepped out on stage and everything just got crazy! I was lucky to stand my ground and keep my spot despite having people pushing behind me or sneaking onto the space in front of me. Not to mention those Koreans behind us who were LITERALLY resting their arms on my shoulder. Damn! I keep slapping them away. LOL So Jay started by performing his cover of “Nothin’ On You”, a classic, a favorite. He followed up with “Joah”, bringing the dancers from Prepix on stage as well. If I can be very, very honest, seeing his dancers Prepix and Purplow were also one of the reasons I really wanted to come to this event. They are amazing.

After the first two songs, Jay did a little talk with the crowd, reminiscing that the last time he was here was back in 2012. This must have been the funniest part of his stage. Artists usually have water on stage because it’s exhausting while performing. But Jay didn’t have any when he started so he asked for some. I’m sure the staff had to quickly get a bottle or two but someone from the crowd was nice enough to give him a drink, a shot. And yes, Jay took it. This guy, really. And yes. That’s how wild a Filipino crowd can get. He drank some but was then handed a bottle of water. And show went on.

Next track he did was “Solo” which made me sort of happy because you can hear everyone singing to the chorus. That brought a lot of smiles to Jay’s face, too. Sort of sad that he didn’t give the microphone to the crowd to sing Hoody’s verse like what he’s been usually doing in Korea though. As if Jay wanted to confirm, he asked the crowd if people knew about his album released last year “Everything You Wanted”. Dear Jay, people might not know everything on it but we definitely do know about it. He also mentioned that his guys from AOMG haven’t been to the Philippines before so he would love to bring them here and perform for us. Oh Jay, please!  Next song he did was his newest hit “All I Wanna Do”, with people clapping along to Loco’s parts.

Last two songs he performed were “Ain’t No Party Like An AOMG Party” and the iconic “Mommae”. This was when things started to get more lit! First because Jay removed his jacket, second because we all know how lit those two songs were. When Jay told the crowd to raise their hands and that beat dropped, damn! I was like down there with the crowd and my fancam was shaky because I was grooving and singing. So this is what it feels like to party with Jay Park. By the time “Mommae” dropped, Jay was already shirtless, and needless to say, we all know how a lot of women in that crowd waited for that moment. What was so funny was since I was in front, I got a very good view and that’s why I didn’t stop taking fancams. Round the middle of the song, Jay went to our side and leaned close to the crowd, close to the cameras. Call me stupid but unlike everyone who would have already clawed him and took a piece of him, I stepped back. I was like… “Wooaaahhhh! Hold just a minute there!” But gosh! His body really is something to die for.

After his stage, the team went back up to their section upstairs. This was when the afterparty started with DJ Ronpoe taking over the turntable and spun beats through the night. He was actually really cool and the crowd liked him. But then, AOMG decided to come down to the floor and sit on the table reserved for them. And of course, that caused everyone to swarm around them, phones up, shouting, asking for photos and signs. I can assure you that I was not one of those people. BUT! It was real nice to see Jay Park having fun at the event and smiling to the fans. He did take selcas, he did give out signs, he partied. Later, they went back up to do the meet&greet, then coming back down to join DJ Ronpoe on the deck. That definitely was real cool because rather than people focusing on getting videos of Jay while at their table, they actually danced this time (afraid to disappoint Jay?) I enjoy listening to DJs and EDM music so it was really sad when people didn’t party so much. I tried to approach Prepix and Purplow while they were at the table but I wasn’t able to stand near them. I just stood there, waved at them and greeted them. Oh my heart.

After a little while, Jay went back to their table on the floor and yes, fans just kept coming at him. Seeing him like this was a dream come true though. We know he parties in Korea, but at places he’s familiar with and the crowd isn’t really that big. Experiencing it right here was satisfying. He was smiling and having fun. We even heard that he was starting to get annoyed by the security team because they kept on stopping people from approaching him. Such an angel! But I guess that was the reason he decided to stay upstairs ultimately. One other funny thing was that we saw Honey J teasing Jay as he was waving at people. She lifted his shirt up and Jay jokingly tried to hit her to stop her.

The party continued on the floor though. People getting drunk and dancing. There’s this popular dance crew members in the KPOP community here in the Philippines called the De Guzman Brothers. They really are brothers, Ken and Keith. However, only Keith was at the event. As a dancer, he casually went to floor and danced. Right along the party, he started doing a showdown with another guy. Since Keith is also a Bboy, he showed his moves, and luckily, Jay’s team was watching them the whole time and cheering. He was really just that good. If I remember correctly, there were 2 other showdowns that they did through the night.

Keith De Guzman with my friend Nika

Maybe with some more bottles they drank, Jay Park and DJ Wegun went back down to the deck. This time, I did not dare take myself away from that spot. It looked like it and I wasn’t really wrong about it, but DJ Wegun took over the deck from DJ Ronpoe. Can you imagine the excitement I was starting to feel that moment?! Wegun was going to be DJ-ing that night, I was finally going to experience his set! My life was blessed for sure. I was carrying two albums by that time, (given to me by a fansite eonnie from Korea. :D) and two phones. I was really standing in front of the deck with two bouncers on each side. I was standing there and was nervous that they might kick me away but thank God, they didn’t. They actually even stayed away. I guess they realized I was harmless. They were so nice to even look after my things when I placed it on the stage floor.

While DJ Wegun spinned, Jay was mc-ing for him. And in the middle of it all, Jay started dancing, with the people below also dancing. Then he saw Keith! He saw the guy and made him get up on stage to dance. Keith did his very best. After his stunt, Keith was made to come down by security BUT Jay followed him! And as quick as things happened, we were already witnessing a cypher between Jay and Keith in the middle of the floor. Another guy joined them and they all danced and bboy-ed. If they aren’t the luckiest fanboys alive, eh?

And just like what Keith said in his Facebook account, it was a dream come true! I’ve been following Jay for years now, and is an AOMG fanbase admin for 2 years but this is actually the first time I saw him party with a crowd like this! And yes! The Philippine fans are blessed!

After the dance cypher, Jay Park went up. DJ Wegun already finished his set and followed. People stayed until 2 in the morning before all deciding to leave and call it a night.

Jay Park

Now, let’s rate this!

THE FANS, 8/10

I’m going to be really honest with this. Half of the fans I saw there, I didn’t like. Or maybe it’s just me. During the show, it was fine to go crazy over the artist, perfectly normal. But when he’s at their table just chilling? Come on guys. Half of them just wanted to have fun. Maybe Jay is used to cameras surrounding him all the time, but the dancers may not and imagine what it felt to drink and have a camera pointed at them all the time. It’s perfectly fine with me to try to get a selca and autograph. But can’t we all stop when we got our wish and let others try their luck, too? Another thing I didn’t like were people not knowing who DJ Wegun is. That can be a little understandable but when you see him with Jay Park at almost every show, how can you not?! Well, at least maybe now, they do.

THE EVENT, 10/10

When I learned this was going to be at a club, I knew it was going to be lit! a lot of people were complaining why it was going to be held at Valkyrie when there was an obvious age limit. I didn’t care. At least that made the immature, young fans away from the fun. And I guess that added with how the event went well. The brand showcase itself was so cool, especially for make up beginners like me. Jay Park’s performance was definitely amazing. And the afterparty was definitely the best!


Actually, other than making us wait for the exact event details days after they promised us, everything was all good. Yeppunonnie PH was so nice enough to answer all our questions and coordinate with the fanbase. I hope they do another event like this in the future though,

THE ARTIST, 100/10

It is the first time I have ever seen Jay Park live and I am not disappointed. And the fact that he was so nice to even spend time with fans, have fun and jsut party the night through was so amusing. I hope he comes back and I hope next time, he comes back with the whole of AOMG!



2 thoughts on “TheLoyalist : #JayParkinMNL & K-Beauty Party Got Lit!

  1. I had the best night of my life! Meeting my AOMG family and seeing Jay Park performing live is truly unforgettable! Hope next time it’ll be the whole AOMG crew. It was a successful event and everybody enjoyed the after party.👍✌🙏❤


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