Kebee Releases Album “WATER” & “My Foreigner” MV

After his last solo album “The Passage” back in 2009, rapper Kebee is back with his first own album after joining Brand New Music.


“WATER”, which is an acronym meaning “Walking Across The Escape Room” was released just today containing 11 songs. The tile track “My Foreigner” which features vocals from BrotherSu, comes with a music video and shows a more chill and mellow side to the rapper talking about a person’s love with someone from a different culture. Before this, the track “YA” was released November of last year serving as a teaser for the full album.


  1. 방음 (Quiet Room) (Feat. Taek)
  2.  외국인 (My Foreigner) (Feat. BrotherSu)
  3. 껍질 (Bark) (Feat. Kim Hyoeun)
  4. 젖게 놔둬 (Holiday)
  5. Brainriding
  6. The Rooms
  7. YA
  8. 범 (Boom)
  9. 자아도취 (Narcissism) (Feat. The Quiett)
  10.  어때 (Hometown) (Feat. Yang Dail)
  11. Welcome

“WATER” can be purchased physically and through these music portals!

Melon :
Bugs :
Genie :
Naver :


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