The First Korean Hiphop Awards Presented by HiphopLE & Hiphoppplaya

Two of the largest Korean hiphop webzines in South Korea HiphopLE and Hiphopplaya, got together and is now bringing us the very first ever Korean Hiphop Awards. The nominations were released yesterday and voting is already up. The nominations are as listed below. You can visit the website and start voting!

Artist of the Year:
Jay Park, BeWhy, Nucksalm Beenzino, Huckleberry P, Dean


New Artist:

Justhis, Changmo, Sik-K, Owen Ovadoz, Nafla, XXX


Hiphop Album Of the Year:
Justhis “2 Many Homes 4 1 Kid”
Nucksal “The God Of Small Things”
Hwaji “ZISSOU”
Beenzino “12”
Takeone “Green Ideology”
BFree “Free From Seoul (Deluxe Ver.)”


Hiphop Track of The Year:
BeWhy “Forever”
Nucksal “팔지 않아”
Nafla “Mercy”
Owen Ovadoz “City”
Jay Park x Uglyduck “Ain’t No Party Like An AOMG Party”
Beenzino “Flexin”


RNB Album Of The Year:

Jay Park “Everything You Wanted”
DEAN “130 Mood : TRBL”
Samuel Seo “Ego Expand 100%”
Hoody “On And On”
Nah Zamsue “Til The Sun Goes Up”
Crush “Interlude”


RNB Track Of The Year:

Jay Park “All I Wanna Do” (ft. Hoody, Loco)
Crush “Woo Ah”
DEAN “D(Half Moon)” (ft. Gaeko)
Jeebanoff “삼선동 사거리”
Minje “DO”
Hoody “Need U” (ft. DoK2)


Producer Of The Year:
GroovyRoom, ChaCha Malone, Gray, TK, Humbert, Coke Jazz


Collaboration Of The Year:

Beenzino x YDG “January”
LIVE, Sik-K, Punchnello, Owen Ovadoz, Flowsik “Eung Freestyle”
Okasian, GDragon, CL “₩ 1,000,000”
Zico x Crush x DEAN “Bermuda Triangle”
Kirin x Jay Park “City Breeze”
Heize, DEAN, DJ Friz “And July”



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