Don Malik x SLEEQ to Drop Collaboration EP

Daze Alive’s MCs Don Malik and SLEEQ are partnering up and is dropping a mixatpe today.


“Fommy Hiltiger” is a collaboration between the two rappers and is slated to drop today on Daze Alive’s Soundcloud channel. It will also be available physically consisting of 10 tracks.


For the ten tracks, Don Malik and SLEEQ will have solo tracks and two others featuring their fellow Daze Alive members Jerry K and Rico. More than that, the two have worked with various producers for each of the song including Beautiful Disco, Unsinkable, Bababa and Jnkfood.


  1. Wonderland (feat. Rico, Jerry.k)
    Prod. Twoton Rhino
  2. What’s Going On (Don Malik Solo)
    Prod. Beautiful Disco
  3. Talk About (feat. Jerry.k)
    Prod. Unsinkable, Bababa
  4. 비켜
    Prod. Bababa
  5. Move (2015 DEMO VER.)
    Ins – Duffer by Indigo Jam Unit
  6. 베르테 (SLEEQ Solo)
    Prod. Danny Dee
  7. 이륙
    Prod. jnkfood
  8. WTF (SLEEQ Solo)
    Prod. SLEEQ
  9. 내꺼야 (SLEEQ Solo) [CD Only]
  10. Untitled (Don Malik Solo) [CD Only]
    Prod. Beautiful Disco

After the release of the album, a release party event will be happening on February 4th with more details to follow.


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