Kyung, Kasper Drop New Singles

Yesterday, Park Kyung and Kasper has dropped new songs and both giving off a different kind of vibe.

Block B has been active recently with a group comeback and the members doing solo activities, too. This time around, their rapper Park Kyung has dropped has dropped his first mini-album “Notebook”.


For fans, it is known that Park Kyung has started his rapping career underground along with fellow Block B member, Zico, before becoming an idol. Unlike Zico who has been active with his underground activities, Kyung was not. However, he has been showing much improvement with composing and producing songs for the group. He has also released singles last year. Kyung’s first mini album consists of  5 songs, two of which were produced by Kero One.  Surprisingly, with the title track “When I’m With You”, other than his raps, Park Kyung shows off his vocal singing which also featuring Brothersu. The rapper has used vocal singing in his past singles such as “Ordinary Love” and “Inferiority Complex” but this time around, giving off a smoother vibe and style. We definitely liked it.



After joining DSP Media, Kasper has only been able to release a new single yesterday. The song “Lean On Me” is produced by Primeboi and showcases a side of Kasper we haven’t heard much of before. Most of the parts she sang, with a bar or two of rap in the first verse. As much as we didn’t want to admit it but this song disappointed us a lot, with the hopes that we would actually hear her rap. What do you think?


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