Singles Coming Up From Young Cream, Laybacksound, Don Malik x SLEEQ

After the news came out that MIB has already disbanded, mixed reactions from fans burt out. Although it was already rumored last year that they disbanded, people held on, seeing how oeach of the members became more active promoting solo, Kangnam on TV, Sims & Zick Jasper with their underground rapping stints. This time around, it’s Young Cream’s time to shine. On January 9, he is set to drop his solo track “042”, with the teaser already released.

RnB duo Laybacksound has announced and already released a teaser for their upcoming new single “4 Hours” featuring Lee Bada. After UTurn left the group in 2014, Laybacksound continued to be a duo and released singles but have been fairly inactive for the whole of 2016. “4 Hours” will be the end of their inactivity and is said to be part of an upcoming album.

Daze Alive’s MCs Don Malik and SLEEQ is set to release a single EP scheduled on January 10, made up of two tracks “Wonderland” and “이륙”.

Who else are excited to hear these new songs already?! 🙌


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