Big Names Set To Come Back This 2017

2017 has only started and we’re already shot with a number of big news.

epik-highThrough the group’s SNS, Epik High members have already been announcing that their new album is already on the works. They have been talking about working on songs since lat year but only now is it more sure that they will release it soon. Moreover, Tablo will be releasing a collaboration with Eric Nam and American singer Gallant set on January 17th.

verbal-jintIt was announced yesterday that rapper Verbal Jint is working his way on a new album (source). Although there isn’t a set date yet, we are already excited for Verbal Jint’s upcoming new songs. In the back o our heads, we’re wishing it’s GO HARD pt. 2!


drunken-tigerAnd to what may be the saddest news for long time KHOP fans, Tiger JK recently just revealed that he is working on a new album and sadly, this is the last time he would be using “Drunken Tiger” (source). Tiger JK debuted under Drunken Tiger with DJ Shine. He later on continued with the name despite DJ Shine leaving the duo in 2005. However, he continued to do music under the name with other DJs, namely those with Movement Crew.  Surely, this year will be both nostalgic, joyful and sad for fans.

What are you excited for this 2017?


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