HIGHGRND Braces December

At the start of December, HIGHGRND has already teased of a Working Holiday Schedule they were brewing up. Seems they are keeping themselves busy while most of us are in the festive mood.

15276757_1710642782585031_911684023498047488_n.jpgFirst off their list is WINNER’s Kang Seungyoon’s OST single “You” for the web drama he stars in “Love For A Thousand More” which was released on December 6th. The song is produced by 8, 조성확 (Jo Sanghwak) while the artwork was created by Bosta.

wp-1481222271569.jpgSecond off the list is the much awaited single from DTSQ, “Mind Game”. DTSQ is this year’s House of Vans Musicians Wanted Champion from Korea. Aside form the money they won, part of their prize is a single to be produced and released under HIGHGRND. After two months, the single and music video was released last night through HIGHGRND’s Youtube channel.

Now, other than music, HIGHGRND is also know to culture artists in their field and support them in a way they can. One example of this is their single project PLAYGRND where artists collaborate and release singles. This time, HIGHGRND has collaborated with MONSTER Energy to bring the Monster Society concert featuring some of the best rock bands. Happening on December 14th in Seoul City, the line up includes Obey The Brave (from Canada), Chain Reaction (from America), The Geeks (from South Korea) and the KOXX (from South Korea).


Now, okay. It’s a different band from the duo GEEKS who do hiphop. The Geeks are actually a handcore punk rock band from South Korea and has done tours in US, Japan and Southeast Asia. And then there’s the KOXX who is one of the most influential electronic rock bands in their country. Surely this night will be an awesome rock festival. Check out their teaser video below.

[MONSTER SOCIETY]Unleashed the Beast! 2016.12.14 (WED) 7:30 PM, @MUVHALL SEOUL CITY – MONSTER ENERGY X HIGHGRND – The Geeks Chain Reaction The Koxx Obey The Brave(Canada) – 꾸준하게 국내 서브컬쳐를 응원해온 몬스터에너지와 장르를 가리지 않고 새로운 시도를 하는 하이그라운드의 만남! 미국 No.1 에너지 드링크, 몬스터에너지가 하이그라운드와 함께 기획한 "몬스터 소사이터티"에 긱스가 함께합니다!! 캐나다 하드코어밴드 Obey The Brave와 칵스도 함께하며 긱스와 체인리액션의 콜라보 타이틀도 공개!! 많이 준비 한 공연이니만큼 재미와 감동도 보장!! 무료입장이니 친구와 함께 많이 놀러오세요. 12월 14일 수요일 저녁 7시 홍대 무브홀입니다. – #몬스터에너지 #몬스터에너지 X #하이그라운드 #몬스터소사이어티 #홍대공연 #긱스 #THEGEEKS #HXC #Punk #ROCK #Obeythebrave #chainreaction #칵스 #무브홀

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One more project HIGHGRND is into is their collaboration with Rogue One. Virtual stories that have a connection to or is inspired by Stars Wars are now being produced worldwide and in South Korea, HIGHGRND artists are their representatives. Today, December 9th, Code Kunst was actually seen at Disney headquarters. We’re excited to see what the final product is. There is also a blog concerning the Rogue One project as well.


Now that’s four off the list and we’re waiting for two more schedules they are planning. I was silently hoping that they would release HYUKOH’s album “23” which the group has been teasing of since August but I don’t think it will happen any time soon. But either way, we are still excited!


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