December Shows & Concerts

December is right around the corner and the festivities are starting to fill up our schedules! If you ever decide to celebrate Christmas and the New Year in Korea, we already got you covered with some shows you might want to go ahead and witness.

Brand New Party

14714400_933379596795294_8877668255183929344_n1Brand New Music is coming to Ulsan for a show with a line up consisting of MC Gree, San E, P-Type, Hanhae, KittiB and Kanto. The event will happen on December 10th.



Winter Two Best Concert

15048015_1158358127580684_7786569308699623424_nBrand New Music’s San E and YG’s Jinusean are coming together to give you a hot show. Dated on December 11th, the concert will happen at the Sangmyung University Art Center.



dean-club-eskimoDEAN with Club Eskimo

Dec. 23 and 24 at the Hyundai Card Curated 31 stage. However, it is reported that the show is officially sold out 10 minutes after the ticket selling opened.

Dean, Millic, Miso, Camper, Punchnello, Offonoff, Chekparren


15181552_1338172936214833_5602744835056715163_nSecret Diary Concert

December 24th at the Daegu Athletics Promotion Center

Akdong Musician
Sam Kim
Paperlogy (Kim Park Chella x Analog Sonyeon)
Kwon Jinah
볼빨간 사춘기



THE CRY X-Mas Night

15034628_561759504024243_7441534184717287424_n 14566649_1671195149877053_1647855574244655104_n1

A concert event bringing you the hottest hiphop acts! happening at the Lotte World Crystal Ballroom on December 24th. The event is divided into two parts.

First part Line up:
Swings, Giriboy, Vasco, Nochang, Blacknut, CJamm, Super Bee, myunDo

Second part Line up:
Dynamic Duo, Zion.T, Rhythm Power



Urban Music Festival

14693898_1089032054526994_2845597399047471104_n1This festival will be happening from December 20th to the 31st with performances happening on each day.

12.20 : The Ade, Hello Shin Gayoung,
12.21 : Kwon Jinah, Kim Feel
12.22 : Glen Check, Idiotape
12.23 : Eddy Kim, Sam Kin
12.24 : The Solutions, The KOXX, Daybreak, DugarBowl, Vanilla acoustic, Sweden Laundry, Jung Seunghwan
12.25 : Kim Banjang, Samuel Seo, Raw By Peppers, Lee Hi, Nakta Choi, Mintgray
12.27 : Jwak Jineon, John Park, OWhen
12.28 : Akdong Musician, Sosimhan Boys, GogoBoys
12.29 :Na Yoonkwon, Jung Jinwoon Band
12.30 : Deepflow, Wutan, Odee, Nucksal, Don Mills, Monni
12.31 : MoT, Jinah Lee, Bolbbalgan4

Hana ticket :
Interpark :
Yes24 :


The First Korea Hiphop Festival

15036218_346479192373711_8837049149191718855_nIt’s finally happening and it’s happening for three days straight!

12.22 : DinDin, Babylon, Kim Hyoeun, Changmo, Hash Swan, Sik-K, Beenzino, YDG
12.23 : CJamm, BFree, Nucksal, Don Mills, Owol, Jessi, Jay Park
12.24 : Xitsuh, Microdot, Paloalto, G2, Reddy, Huckleberry P, Legitgoons, Defconn, Simon D

Tickets: Interpark


Soul Station (Busan and Incheon)

14980568_544084969120864_6748456739839817041_n 14980690_544085085787519_8245071852584462202_n

The Soul Station shows are happening on two dates and at two different provinces. The Busan leg will be made up of Zico, Crush, Bewhy, Don Mills and Nucksal on December 11th. The Incheon leg will happen on the 17th with a line up made up of DoK2, Zion.T, Bewhy, Dean, Nucksal and Don Mills.

Tickets: Interpark


The Final Countdown

14730645_1784150305180734_6597141565624287232_nWhat better way to welcome the new year than to party it out with your favorite artists!

The Final Countdown will happen on two dates at the Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas Hotel grand ballroom.

Line up.
12.30 : Zion.T, Loco, BeWhy, CJamm, Giriboy, Elo, Hash Swan, Kim Hyoeun, Changmo, Jero
12.31 : Tujamo, Jay Park, Uglyduck, Inside Core, Vandal Rock, Shaun, Maximite, DJ Baryonyx, Toyo

Ticketsand more information, check out TFCD’s official website.




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