Listing Down What We’re Excited For: Jazzyfact, FXCD, Overclass & More

End of the year is most definitely the busiest months after summer. Parties here, shows there, name it. Even the KHOP scene is busy and about. And we’re listing down the things we already can’t wait for!


When we all talk about jazz hiphop, most likely, there will be two names that could pop inyour head instantly, Primary and Jazzyfact. Everyone would have probably heard of Jazzyfact already, the MC+Producer unit made up of Beenzino and Shimmy Twice. Their unit was much of a success that fans have waited for them to release a new project. Since early this year, there were already runors that the two were working on new songs especially since they have been sharing theur studio sessions through SNS. And just recently, they have confiemed that an album is coming our way soon.

I do hope people still remember them but I doubt new fans would. One of the most prominent crews back during the time I started being a fan of the KHOP scene was Overclass. I’m saying they’re prominent with the fact that their members are already big names, Verbal Jint, Nodo, San E, Swings, Jo Hyunah (of Urban Zakapa), Rimi, KJun, BSoap, Lobotomy, Crybaby and more. Since the crew started, they release a collaboration album called “Collage”. Since the release of Collage 3 in 2010, the crew lied low, with some of them pursuing individual endeavors such as Warmman founding Grandline Entertainment, Swings with Just Music and Lobotomy creating music under Young, Gifted & Wack. Just recently, through Overclass’ official Instagram account, a video of NODO recording in the studio was posted with the caption “Collage4”. Knowing how Overclass is made up of amazing producers makes us want to cop that new album soon!


Zico has been hinting on a new single that will be dropping on the 28th of November (that’s like 6 days away!). The final teaser photo just dropped last night revealing that the song is a collaboration between him, Crush and Dean, all of which are members of the crew, Fanxychild.

Fans are calling them the “holy trinity” knowing how much popularity each of them have. The song is titled “Bermuda Triangle” which can also mean that these three are as mysterious and as dangerous as the controversial sea area. If this doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what else would.


Ever since Hoody joined AOMG  fans have been eager to hear more of her and her music. Her first 3 singles weren’t enough and the live being showed to her just heightened after the release of “Blue Horizon” and her collaboration with Jay Park in 2015, “Solo”. During one of Jay Park’s radio show guestings in October, he revealed that Hoody’s album is already 80% done. And just recently through Gray’s Instagram, he shared that her album is coming soon. I believe we’re ready to be serenaded once again.

As fans of YG, we know (and are pretty much used to it already) that the agency has a thing for teasing fans and delaying their artists’ materials and activities. Who would have thought that even their sub-labels would inherit the trend?

Ever since Zion.T created and joined The Black Label with Kush and Teddy, there have already been news that he was preparing for an album. Despite expecting it around the half of the year, nothing was released yet, other than the singer’s songs from Show Me The Money 5. 

Hyukoh, who are under HIGHGRND, have also announced early this year that they were preparing an album to be titled “23”. If you know Hyukoh’s trends, they release albums and name it their age according to that year. All of the members are 93-liners and they released “22” in 2015, their first album “20” was released back in 2013. However, in September during a rock festival they attended, they announced that “23” would be delayed.

However, on November 19th, both artists announced news about their albums. Zion.T, while at the Resffect Melody concert, said that he has already finished filming the music video for his album. After a show in Tokyo the same day, Hyukoh’s main vocal took to his Instagram, thanking the fans and saying that “23 is coming soon”. We’re still hoping Hyukoh could release their album before the year ends, because if it drops in 2017, we might be calling it “24” already. 😁

Which release are you most excited for?


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